Kitapsi, Nija, Añaantsi (Land, Water, Life), follows a number of Ashaninka communities on the Peruvian Andes as they pay tribute to their sacred sites. One of these sites is Kipaí, a remote tributary of the Amazon River. The film portrays the relationship of the Ashaninka to Kipaí against the backdrop of Peru's large-scale hydropower plans. 

This short film (10 min.) originates from The Amazon, a feature documentary currently in production about the greatest river basin on Earth at its moment of urgency. The film pays tribute to the indigenous peoples and natural history of the region, chronicles key events and figures since 1500, and sounds the clarion about looming tipping points that threaten to disrupt the Earth system.


October 19
2019 Margaret Mead Film Festival, New York, NY
The American Museum of Natural History

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